Mandy is a passionate and inspiring facilitator and presenter who captivates program attendees with her empathetic style and ability to intimately understand the on-going pressure faced by business leaders. Working with both large corporates and small business means she brings a balanced approach to what makes an effective leader. Her many stories, tips and tricks are grounded in personal experiences as a leader and as a facilitator of learning in others.

Mandy brings over 30 years’ experience in business including 5 years as a partner in global professional service firm KPMG, and the last 15 years as co-founder of a small business facilitating the development of leadership capability for a variety of clients. Mandy’s commitment to leading with courage is a reflection of her personal and professional life, inspiring others to have the confidence and conviction to do the same.In 2011 she published her first book, Inspiring Courageous Leaders, where every reader is encouraged to “rattle their cage of habits”. Mandy enjoys connecting with people through her presentations, facilitating, listening to new ideas and inspiring courage in those who are looking to improve their leadership capabilities. People are actively encouraged to recognise, understand and maximise their strengths.