Tegan Marshall (formerly Tegan Mathews) is a self-made success story and a shining example of how dreams really can come true no matter where you start from.

Tegan began her life in a less than ideal environment having to endure all types of abuse as a child. In her tender teenage years, she faced her fears of being alone and walked away from the only family she had ever known.

Starting her first successful company at fourteen, her second at seventeen and several others since then, Tegan has an innate ability for turning start-ups into multiple six-figure businesses and fast.

Now an award-winning motivational speaker, podcaster, published author and founder of Facing Fears – finding courage to reveal the real you, and Australia’s leading expert on fear Tegan is obsessed with helping people to break free from the limitations of fears controlling their lives, decisions, relationships and businesses and does this through her online programs, workshops, speaking engagements and coaching at www.facingfears.com.au.

A serial entrepreneur, with a corporate career in sales & marketing spanning over two decades Tegan is also co-owner of the Blue Dog Digital Marketing agency and co-founder of Blue Dog Websites, where she loves nothing more than helping others to achieve success with their businesses online.

While Tegan continues to constantly push her own personal boundaries, she now is also part of a large family and enjoys living an enviable lifestyle with her new husband traveling permanently around the globe. Each month experiencing a different and exotic location while sharing their love for wine, cheese, rescue dogs and each other.

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