Seventeen year old Scott Millar is the CEO and founder of BOP Industries, a Brisbane based holographic projections startup working in a range of areas from events to marketing, theatre, retail and education. With hologram displays (think Star Wars) ranging from the size of a phone or tablet to their largest 2m tall unit they are used for a range of purposes such as holographic speakers, mannequins, performers and more.

Starting his company as part of a grade 9 business venture, Scott has grown BOP from selling key rings at local markets to now running events and workshops across Australia, with plans to expand overseas later this year.

Still in grade 12, Scott has balanced running a business and school work since he was young and is living proof it can be done. Scott is a big advocate for young entrepreneurs and also a big believer in putting the A in STEM to make it STEAM. With some A-rts and creativity STEM skills can be fun, engaging and simple for people of all walks of life.