Connect with Samantha Khater:

Samantha is the youngest child born to immigrant parents in Western Sydney. From day one, she displayed the tenacity to fight for what she wanted. After graduating from university and working various jobs that left her unfulfilled, she went out on a limb and began her journey as a budding entrepreneur.

Growing up in a low income household, Samantha learned to be grateful for what she had. She always wrote down two things that made her smile daily on her diary. At age twelve, she received a severe Bell’s Palsy diagnosis, which paralysed the left side of her face. Despite this, Samantha retained her positive outlook and continued to write in her journal all the things that made her grateful. She remained inspired by the power of gratitude and its resulting influence in her life. After months of study and research, she published her first Gratitude Journal.

Following this success, Samantha brought to life a passion she always had for food and Kayter Co. was born. Through this dessert catering company, she introduced the world to dessert coconuts. It was an instant viral hit. Topped with everything from fairy floss and flowers to Nutella cronuts, the dessert coconuts were embraced by the celebrity circle. This included the Kardashians, Kyle Sandilands, and Marie Claire, to name a few.

The third business arose from her traditional parents pushing her into marriage. Feeling that there stood a gap in the market, Samantha created Zoodie – a speed dating business that focused solely on matching individuals from similar cultural and religious backgrounds. Another instant hit, the Zoodie team continue to make love happen all over Sydney.