Connect with Sabiha Vorajee:

Sabiha Vorajee is an Edinburgh (Scotland) based HR professional who is the Founder & CEO of High-Value Woman and her consulting firm, Sabiha Vorajee Consulting Ltd.

Sabiha’s career spans over twenty years as an executive in the field of international human resources (HR), predominately in reward and remuneration. Working in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia across various industries, Sabiha has worked with many employees, leaders and organisations to help create strategies to increase performance, recognise effort and most importantly reward results.

With her passion for people and performance, she now spends her time as a senior HR & organisational strategy specialist and Board Advisor, guiding delivery of commercially-focused HR strategy for her private, public and third sector clients. In her corporate and board work, Sabiha helps her clients create strategies to engage their employees for longer retention, stronger motivation and inspiration, ensuring alignment to the business strategy, organisational culture, and of course bottom line. In her coaching work, she continues to help women (& men) tap into their innate power through utilising their skills and talents and leveraging them in our dynamic world so that they may have the success they want and ask for and receive what they choose in their careers.

Sabiha is a big believer in helping people become their best selves through the work they choose; she supports organisations in facilitating this journey to the highest level for all concerned.