Ruth is a serious optimist with a background in health and social change, so has spent over 20 years researching and finding practical, workable solutions to complex challenges. As acknowledgement for her outstanding achievements, Ruth has been awarded the Centenary Medal “For distinguished services to the community” by the Australian Government.

It was while gaining a PhD from the Queensland University of Technology that Ruth identified the secrets to high performing teams and organisations, so today her passion is to support and coach leaders to get the best out of their people and teams by harnessing the power of corporate culture.

Ruth works with a range of nonprofit, government departments and businesses offering dynamic professional development solutions for teams who want to connect, communicate and create in fun and experiential learning environments. Ruth’s workshops are full of powerful ideas and skills that shift mindsets, relationships and behaviour. She also speaks at a wide variety of events and conferences to share the latest research on employee engagement and workplace culture.

The special interests that get Ruth jumping up and down about include homelessness and youth development, and reducing poverty in the third world through education and microcredit.

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