Connect with Owen Matheson:

Owen is a passionate connector, entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. His focus is on helping SMEs achieve fast growth through attracting strategic capital and growing marketshare. After all, accelerating your business is about having the right team to make your growth plan happen. The experienced team at SME Growth Partners are passionate about helping private business owners become proper, medium-sized businesses.

They specialise in helping CEOs and owners navigate the journey to move from $2-20M revenue and beyond. As business owners, investors, advisors, and CEOs themselves, the team have been in that chair and gone through the trenches. They’ve become quite good at helping owners work out where the gaps are, putting together the right team, and unlocking the potential in businesses. The managing partners and key advisory team at SME Growth Partners have spent over 40 years running and advising mid-sized to large private family companies and their private family investment offices.

From the initial strategic review, getting investor ready, initial capital raising, corporatisation & structuring for growth right through expansion capital, strategic acquisitions and execution of exit plans to unlock the wealth and upside potential tied up in family businesses…

We look forward to helping you with your Growth Game Plan