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An executive coach, leadership specialist, keynote speaker and author, Muffy has extensive experience in inspiring and initiating positive behavioural change in clients around the world. She is on a mission to inspire leaders to achieve their workplace genius and to lift them toward a professional life of authenticity, rich engagement, strategic effectiveness and a sense of fun.

With a Master’s Degree from UCLA in Performing Arts, and 20 years of experience in the corporate arena she has had the privilege to work with over 50 blue chip organisations from around the world- Siemens, Cisco Systems, Qantas, and Hewlett Packard to name just a very few.

As a leading authority on ‘mindset’ and its relationship to our levels of success and well-being, Muffy appears frequently on radio and television and is a guest writer for many news media outlets and magazines. She enjoys engaging audiences with high levels of energy, personal honesty, positivity, humour, inspiration, and is told, “infectious enthusiasm”.

She is currently the director of her own company, Beyond Focal Point, and the author of the self-development book, COACH YOURSELF, A 7-step Guide To Personal Fulfilment (Love & Write Publishing 2016)

Muffy looks forward to sharing BRIN Video time with you. She hopes to play a supportive role in driving you closer to your vision for professional achievement.

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