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Michael has been a psychotherapist in private practice for more than thirty-five years. His inner journey has taken him from his early studies in Morocco under the mystic teacher Ahmid Sufi, through two years as a swami with the highly respected yogi Satyananda from Monghyr India, to a decade’s practice in Buddhist meditation.

He also understudied the pioneering rebirther Ahrara Carisbrooke and established Australia’s first professional rebirthing centre, Euroa Centre in Sydney. He has practised in many countries such as the United States, Russia, Hong Kong, England, Australia and New Zealand.

Michael is a detective into the unconscious mind. Within the first hour of working with a client he can usually identify their patterns of negative thinking and the causes of their self-sabotaging behaviours. He has created and developed Dysfunctional Pattern Clearing©, a therapy for releasing the psychological and emotional patterning from a person’s body memory.

Many of his clients have experienced a transformation from being alone and unhappy to falling in love and finding their soul-mate; never having a cent in the bank to being able to buy investment properties; or from being constantly depressed and disillusioned with life to being vitalised and happy.

Inspired by Dr David Hawkins and Leonard Orr’s teachings on negative primal beliefs, Michael explored these concepts further, in an attempt to comprehensively unify and simplify their work. He came to the conclusion that all of humanity is in fact only limited by three categories of Negative Primal Beliefs©.

His extraordinary discovery is revealed to the general public for the first time in the book, “Say Hello to Happiness” co-authored with Rob Prior.

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