For the past 20 years, Maxine’s business idea box has overflown. Some of her ideas are untried and waiting for the right time, some have been complete failures and some have gone beyond her expectations including the community family programs and now Brava. Always with an entrepreneurial mindset, she believes in taking action and risking failure rather than not doing anything at all.
Having opted not to go to school or for​ higher education, ​Maxine​ floated and travelled for a while. When ​she​ became a single mother at 26​ ​y​ea​rs ​old, ​she created a homeshare agency for single parent families expanding into a social and support network. ​The idea​ worked so well ​that ​the YMCA took her and her project on board culminating in Parentlink, wherein she founded Dadslink, a support network for fathers. Both of which are still very effective and valued for 15 years up to this day.

Reflecting on her personal experience, Maxine needed a bigger challenge and sought to fill a huge gap in the Australian marketplace. Since adolescent, she had no bra that she liked or even fitted her well and she knew this was only because she had a full bust but a small frame just like many other women. Her mother Lin shared her frustration and together they hatched a plan to fill in that gap.

Loads of research, mystery shopping and conversations with many women convinced them it would work. It had to, they had their houses on it! Not just a bra shop for women with D cup size and up, but a business dedicated to a holistic approach on customer service that is honest and empathetic and that go against the traditions of the tape measure technique.

Now employing 30 women who are passionate and caring, the business has grown into three retail stores and a thriving online business. Maxine has worked tirelessly and continues to focus on social media strategies that are crucial to any retail.

Maxine now has a new venture supporting others to grow their businesses and she is soon to launch an exciting concept that brings business owners to brainstorm and share their skills together while supporting special projects for disadvantaged communities in Bali.

Not too fascinated with finance and figures, Maxine is captivated with the kernel of an idea that needs sprouting. This makes her become unrelenting.

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