He’s suiting up to raise the standards of the personal training industry.

Having trained elite competitors like Janet Kane (4 times Ms Australia and 3 times Ms Olympia), and Andrew Moloney (Professional Boxer and Commonwealth Gold Medalist) Mark’s reputation as a personal trainer, bodybuilding coach and strength coach has spread beyond Australia, drawing people from all over the world to his business seminars, personal training courses, and internships.

After starting his 7-figure personal training business, Enterprise Fitness, with great success, Mark Ottobre has launched his personal trainer mentoring program – Wolfpack.

With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, there’s not much that Mark hasn’t done. He has:

  • Written for magazines including Oxygen, T-Nation, Muscle Mag, Natural Bodz Magazine and Muscle and Health
  • Launched the Maximus Mark Podcast and interviewed pioneers in the health and fitness industry from all over the world
  • Written eBooks including the Truth About Supplements and Eat Your Way to Abs
    Been interviewed on the Business Blueprint Channel, Channel 9 News, WHO magazine, Stellar Magazine and Max’s Muscle TV
  • Been invited to present and run seminars locally and interstate

Leading an ever-growing team of staff members at Enterprise Fitness, Mark started the Wolfpack Mentoring Program to help personal trainers learn about business, and more importantly, how to start their own.

His ultimate vision is to raise the standards of the fitness industry globally.

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