Connect with Marina Skinner:

Marina is an accredited Family Business Adviser and trainer who has worked nationally and internationally specializing in Family Office Services. It is a holistic offering for owners, founders, multi-generational families and high net worth individuals. She has been a passionate member of FBA for 10 years and over that time has proactively promoted and built business relationships across the family business sector. She is a specialist with 20 years’ experience in the industry with a thorough knowledge of issues that are unique to the family business. Her particular insight comes from previously working in and managing the family business for more than 12 years. In addition, Marina holds an Executive MBA (Family Business), is an inaugural FBA Accredited Family Business Adviser and trainer with international experience, adding to her broad knowledge and skill set. This enables Marina to offer extensive commercial and practical experience in the area of ‘famliness’.

She has assisted clients in establishing the building blocks for successful businesses that balance the business as well as the family for a competitive advantage and growth. Her passion is in working with clients to develop alignment of vision and values with owners and family through governance forums, education, workshops, facilitating family meetings, family retreats, developing family charters/constitutions, establishing and chairing family councils and family advisory boards.

She has a broad and diverse both in industry and life experience. She believes in providing a strategic focus on business excellence based on a strong culture and values.