BRiN - Margot Cairnes

Connect with Margot Cairnes:

Margot Cairnes, a World Economic Forum thought leader, is an expert on using rapid complex change to increase your success and that of your organisation. Margot is an educational psychologist with an MBA who has worked with the boards and top teams of companies like BP Oil (global), BHP Billington and National Australia Bank. Margot has worked internationally as a key note speaker, mentor and organisational change agent helping people think outside the box and bringing their stakeholders along with them. Margot believes that with digital disruption we either become the disruptor or the disrupted – either way we all need to be masters of transformational change. Margot has appeared globally on TV and webcasts, she is author of 6 books on leadership in times of change – including Approaching the Corporate Heart and Peaceful Chaos, Leadership in times of rapid change. Margot regularly runs Master Classes on mastering change in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia.