Connect with Lisa Mathews:

Lisa has worked on all 3 sides of the marketing fence. How does a fence have 3 sides exactly? Because Lisa has worked both as strategist and creative at branding and design agencies, and as a client in the world of FMCG and franchise marketing.

With a Marketing and an English degree under her belt, Lisa started as creative copywriter in her native country South Africa before joining Unilever marketing, working across a variety of brands, businesses and countries and seeing a lot of the world on her way.

She then joined the world’s biggest independent branding and design agency as a brand and creative strategist, working with dozens of top global, regional and local brands on how to dig deeper to build compelling stories based on brand truth and personality, and then working with designers to express this in a simple, original and crafted way across all elements of the brand world, from portfolio architecture and packaging to e-commerce and experiences.

Lisa is a champion for brand effectiveness, and knows that clever, human-centric design has the power to change perceptions, change lives and change companies’ fortunes.

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