Hi, I’m Juliette Jones and I’m thirteen. After a difficult battle with Motor Neurone Disease, my Nonno passed away in November 2014. I was eleven then and I couldn’t believe there was no cure. I decided not to sit idly by and started my own business creating and selling traditional lemonade to raise funds for a cure for MND. I called it CSJ leMoNaiD. C is for my mum’s initial, Claudia, because she’s been an integral part in setting up the business. S is my beloved grandfather’s initial, Sam. J is for me, Juliette, and SJ are my dad’s initials. In the last eighteen months, CSJ leMoNaiD has gone from strength to strength, selling a range of products made from lemons at my local market in Ramsgate in Sydney.

My business has grown and inspired so many that Parkers’ Organic Juices now bottles my delicious leMoNaiD. We’ve started selling to all Australians, so they can get behind my cause to help fund a cure for MND. My dream is to use the funds raised from selling my leMoNaiD to help pay for a full time research team at the MND research centre at Macquarie University, headed by Professor Dominic Rowe, and to sponsor a research student in partnership with Rotary Health at Woolongong University over a three-year period. I created this business specifically to cure MND and it will continue until a cure is found and beyond. My dream expands to help others learn how I started so they can do the same and support their own causes. On my journey I’ve learned that I have the power to change the world; I want others to know they have that power too. They just have to see it, believe it, and use it for the good of others. With that belief, the world will change.

Anyone who donates $50 or more at www.gofundme.com/24ca6nw and leaves a comment mentioning BRiN and their T-shirt size will get an amazing new CSJ leMoNaiD embroidered T-shirt.