Connect with Judeth Wilson:

Judeth Wilson is leading and innovating the training industry. With more than 18 years experience creating and designing soft skill training courses, Judeth leads and trains the largest network of specialised industry trainers through her company, Upfront Communications. It is an organisation that tailor-make and customize world-class training courses to meet individual client needs.

Known as “The World’s Most Highly Sought After Business Growth Mentor for Trainers”, Judeth has created ‘The Trainers Ultimate Toolkit’ which gives those who are passionate about training a way to leverage their skills and expand their business (and marketing knowledge) so they can excel in this industry. Judeth is most proud of the impact that she has been able to have on numerous individuals – to help them achieve the lucrative training business and lifestyle that they have only dreamt of.

She is the author of three books “The Inside Secrets of Powerful Presenters: How to get enthusiastic applause, even a standing ovation, every time you speak”, “Become A Millionaire Working Just Two Days A Week” and “Training Works: Better People, Better Bottom Line”, with the latter being co-authored with a compilation of her leading specialist trainers.

Judeth is transforming businesses the world over by training their greatest asset – their people! While at the same time transforming trainers to raise the bar of the training industry globally!

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