Connect with Jon Sermon:

For over 13 years, I’ve helped clients save money on everything from importing muscle cars to paying their overseas employees.

Since 2003, I have been helping individuals and businesses pay less for what they buy with foreign currency. Today, I am based in Sydney and working for OFX, a listed foreign exchange specialist with offices around the world.

As a Senior Alliance manager, I work with companies that have clients sending money overseas or bringing money into the country and very simply save their clients time and money on those transactions.

Over the years, I would’ve probably saved my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars on their transfers. On any one day, that might be saving a few hundred dollars for a company paying a freelancer overseas; $5,000 for a client buying a USD35,000 Hublot watch; or a monthly saving for clients sending money back to the UK to pay off the mortgage – it all adds up.

I’m known in the industry for my communications skills, the ability to make every client feel valued, and for connecting people.

All BRiN subscribers can avail FEE FREE transactions with transfers above $250AUD. To qualify, please click on the link, complete the registration form and mention ‘BRiN’ upon registration.