Connect with Iven Frangi:

As customers we have higher expectations than ever before, about how we want and expect to be treated in business. The challenge is that businesses are taking the best experiences and wanting all interactions to match these expectations. Somehow, people expect that a store could offer the same speedy service as their internet service provider. Everyone expects that a 5 star hotel interaction is mirrored into their car service center. There is that expectation that businesses have taken life in the view of their customers and not their own. Customer centric design, which says ‘think about your customers view’, has been replaced as people now have a ‘self centred’ view. Each wants experiences designed for them, personally.

The core of Iven Frangi’s work is this, “If you give customers an experience they can”t get anywhere else – they won’t go anywhere else.” He considers it his job to show you how to design and deliver a Magnetic Customer Service Experience. Experiences that attract and retain your MVCs – Most Valuable Customers. His team helps turn your customers into an extra sales team.

Using the market tested 4D Customer Experience Design process you will discover:

  • How to identify the reasons your customers love your business
  • How to map the customer experience to see where there is friction and flow
  • The areas you are ‘leaving money on the table’ – and how to stop that
  • How to spot and stop customers defecting to a competitor
  • How to get your people committed to genuinely caring for customers

Customer experience is not some airy fairy, hard to quantify business fad. Customer experiences are designed, delivered, measured, reviewed and fine tuned. It’s a deliberate and very commercial set of strategies to raise customer numbers and profit. All created so you get to have the customers you most want, doing the type of business you most enjoy doing, in a very profitable way.

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