Helen Mac has squeezed all she has learned from over 25 years of research and experience in organisational behaviour, performance improvement and motivation, into her creation The Optimism Factor. She’s passionate about the difference that a change of attitude can make in people’s results, whether in business, relationships or life in general. Her focus in the last ten years has been on the keys to creating and maintaining an Optimistic approach, which is proven to deliver better results in all areas of life.

She has drawn on expertise collected from speaking in 11 countries to thousands of people in all kinds of roles, from blue collar to senior executive. With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and accreditations in a number of behaviour and personality instruments, Helen has a depth of knowledge in her expertise. Her broad experience in human resource management and training has focused on improving leadership capability, interpersonal skills and team building.

Helen has designed, customised and delivered presentations and training sessions for a wide client base, from both large and small corporate organisations to state and local governments. With her clients, Helen focuses on improving employee performance and showing managers how to create workplaces in which people are encouraged to do their very best. Recognising that many managers are over-worked, over-stressed and under-resourced, Helen has recently developed a series of workshops and tools to develop self-motivated teams, meaning that individual contributors are empowered to get things done, and managers can focus on more strategic elements of their work.

Her client list is diverse, coming from industries as wide-ranging as IT, banking & finance, transport, telecommunications, automotive, petroleum, and pharmaceuticals. Examples include Mercedes-Benz AuP, GabyCool Transport, American Express, GE Capital Finance; Hyundai Motor Company, CPA Australia, Tupperware, SAP, RSM Bird Cameron, Mazda Australia and AMP.