Connect with Gary Ng:

Chief Visionary Officer, Gary Ng boldly declared war on boring. Fifteen years later, there have been no casualties in his quest to deliberately cause fun at work. In 1999, the attraction of Gary Ng’s straightforward dream, ‘to become a millionaire’ had lost its appeal. The founder of E-Web Marketing switched his ambition from inward to outward. He changed his way of life and with it, his business model.

After a series of commercial highs and lows, Gary reflected on his life experiences. The resulting revelations led to changes in Gary’s roadmap for material success. Expressing enlightenment as a bold mission-statement – ‘to bring Happiness, Success and Fun to everyone I meet’, Gary made firm his new pledge with an extravagant target: to touch the lives of 500 million people by 2020. His vigorous inner motto immediately became the unconventional cultural policy of his business.

Conspicuously branding E-Web with a set of five formal ‘HSF values’ set an ostentatious tone for both company recruits and clients alike. Gary’s belief is that a workplace environment deliberating daily on creating happiness, success, and fun will perpetuate those benefits to clients. The natural result of this would be prosperity for all. Welcome by-products of HSF have come in the form of multiple business awards, including ranking Top 50 or Top 10 Best Places to Work four times in five years.

Gary rates having a loving family as the ultimate blessing and mark of balance, saying ‘if you derive fun and joy from work and take that home, you are more likely to share your happiness with others’.

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