Dan Tarasenko began his online career in FMCG’s over 10 years ago. Since then, he has been involved in many tech ventures, including his role as CEO and founder of Next Place, a big data-driven advanced property search engine, where he connected with designer and fellow disruptive- model startup entrepreneur, Zachary Sequoia.

Growing up in rural Australia and moving to Sydney as a teen, Dan yearned to get back to the country. In 2011 he stumbled across Joel Salatin and, like millions of others around the world, he was hooked.

Another farmer was born.

In April 2015 Dan met Joel Salatin at a two-day workshop at Taranaki Farm in Victoria. Dan and his partner now live on a small farm in a quiet region on the NSW Far South Coast, with a menagerie of animals including Damara sheep, their newly established pastured egg business, and of course their loyal blue heeler pup!

From this piece of paradise, Dan worked via the cloud as a tech consultant to an Australian real estate crowdfunding platform pioneering alternative real estate funding models in the Australian fintech space.

Together with Zachary, Dan then worked to refine the crowdfunding concept to a marketplace platform enabling a wider range of applications. Crowd Carnivore is the first venture to use their API.