Chris Gray is the CEO of Your Empire which builds property portfolios for very busy professionals by searching, negotiating and renovating properties on their behalf. He is the host of ‘Your Property Empire’ on Sky News Business Channel and was the Real Estate Judge on ‘The Renovators’ on Channel Ten.

As a qualified accountant, mortgage broker and buyer’s agent, Chris is the independent authority in educating buyers, sellers and investors about residential property in Australia. Chris started buying property at the age of 22, semi-retired at the age of 31 and currently holds over $10m of properties in his personal portfolio.

For a FREE copy of his latest book, The Effortless Empire: The Time-Poor Professional’s Guide to Building Wealth from Property, go to

Download a copy of Chris’ latest book for free. “The Effortless Empire. The time-poor professionals guide to building wealth from property”
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Discover the property investing strategy that Chris uses himself and also learn:

  • which property investing strategy gives you the highest growth for the least risk?
  • why you won’t get rich on a salary
  • how to cash flow negative geared property
  • the key numbers and why most people get them wrong
  • why Chris chooses to rent his family home rather than buy it