Connect with Brendon Granger:

His role as Director at Technology4Hotels allows him to excel at his passion for everything hotels, especially with technology and the desire to help others.

Brendon has worked with hundreds of hotels to help them with their in-room technology. In the last few years he has helped them in different areas such as increasing guest satisfaction, strengthening guest loyalty and encouraging repeat bookings. He has also helped hotels win awards such as the best business hotel, best city hotel, best upscale hotel and best luxury hotel in Australasia.

Brendon is regularly called to speak on topics of hotel technology. He loves to help and educate others. He regularly conducts free guest room technology audits for hotels.

Brendon began his hospitality career over 25 years ago when he worked for 5 star hotels while completing his Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management degree. He has held various management positions within 5 star hotels, worked as a consultant in both hotel feasibility and technology and has an extensive background in hotel technology.

Outside of business, Brendon and his family are passionate about helping underprivileged children. They are avid supporters of Hands Across the Water, an Australian charity that provides housing, food and education to orphans in Thailand.

10 years of self-employment, running a couple of businesses, and over 25 years of industry experience, combined with a desire for continual self-improvement and education places Brendon in a position where he can now share his knowledge and experiences with others.