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Anneli Blundell, the professional People Whisperer is an author, speaker and communication expert who helps her clients to improve their communication, influence and engagement. She is obsessed with the dynamics for improved performance and specialises in interpersonal intelligence- the ability to understand and navigate the people dynamics in a given situation.

Her latest book, Developing Direct Reports: Taking the Guesswork out of Leading Leaders, is a reference guide for developing leadership performance on the job. Anneli’s upcoming book titled Decoding Resistance: The Real Reason People Won’t Do What You Want is a practical guide for increasing buy-in, reducing push back and navigating the daily communication barriers that impact influence, engagement, and change. She is also a nifty parallel parker, a keen runner and a salsa dancing addict who regularly shares her ideas and insights in blogs, in videos and various media.

1) Free white paper on Growing Leaders:

Growing leaders: Leadership development done differently

Purpose: To help leaders understand the importance of developing performance on the job.

This white paper explores why leadership development needs to change, why developing performance needs an upgrade and why the knowing-doing gap must be closed in order for leaders to grow other leaders more effectively.

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