Connect with Annalisa Siefken:

Launched in June 2015 at the Women of Achievement conference, BARE Movement is a range of 100% naturally derived, Australian sourced and made shampoos, conditioners and skin care products.

Developed by Annalisa Siefken in response to the increasing amount of chemicals in our self-care products, BARE Movement is about empowering people to live more consciously through easy access to chemical-free hair and skincare products without compromising on quality and effectiveness.

​A ​hairdresser​ as a career​​​, Annalisa ha​d​ experienced ill health for many years with no insight from medical professionals as to the possible cause. Whilst ​being ​pregnant with her son and forced to spend a significant amount of time away from work, her health ​gradually​ improved.​ ​Due to health issues experienced by her infant son, Annalisa drew on her intuition​, ​completely overhauled her family’s diet​ and​ also made her home chemical free.

The improvement ​of ​her entire family​’s health​ motivated Annalisa to ​conduct ​research ​on ​how ​to create hair and skin care products which were chemical-free, natural and founded in ​the​​ ethics of conscience living.

Through her partnership with an ethics-driven research and development company, Annalisa created the BARE Movement range of shampoos, conditioners and skin care products.

BARE Movement is ​​empowering people to live chemical free​ and this has ​​attract​ed​ the attention of hair and skincare professionals and life-conscious people throughout Australia and around the globe.