Connect with Andrew Wadsworth:

Andrew is the co-founder and General Manager at IT Mooti [IT – Information Technology and Mooti (muti) – a word used widely in South Africa meaning ‘Medicine’) – a company that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners plan and implement smart systems to systemize, automate and scale their businesses. The team at IT Mooti specialise in CRM implementation and connecting various cloud based programs via their respective APIs to create a unique eco-system of apps that is tailored for your business.

After high school Andrew traveled extensively and along the way was mentored by many small business owners. From helping establish a cafe in Guatemala, running a shoe shining run in London, running a bar in Wisconsin, owning a green cleaning business, helping build the automation systems of a property inspection franchise and building and selling an online furniture company. Each business had their own set of problems that needed solving, from recruitment, sales, accounting, delivery and quality control, Andrew was always looking for ways to help improve the efficiency of the businesses he worked with.

Along the way Andrew became passionate about the concept of sustainability, the triple bottom line approach to looking at the value businesses bring to their community.
Small businesses are critical to the success and prosperity of any community. The sobering truth however is that many business owners work themselves into the ground and struggle to make choices to bring about social and ecological improvements.

By implementing smarter strategies and more efficient systems business owners will have more time and cashflow to achieve a healthier balance for their own life which will in turn improve their ability to impact social and ecological change for the sustainability of their respective communities.
Andrew lives with his family in the small yet eclectic and cosmopolitan town of Mullumbimby NSW.