Connect with Amir Zoghi:

Amir’s background is in business. He is the founder of Be Free People in Bondi Beach, Sydney. Despite that, he sees himself more as a creative artist, painting his flare, ideas and visions into “business”.

He is a natural intuitive, sharing his wisdom through his writings, coaching and speaking on the stages of the world. He is a master at expressing a deep and profound message, delivering it with absolute simplicity and clarity that anyone can relate to.

Amir Zoghi’s work is first and foremost about living the Truth. He does not share acquired knowledge; he speaks in the flow from his own direct experience of wisdom. His words support audiences to piece together the Truth for themselves through experiencing what they hear and feel from him.

Today, Amir shares his wisdom primarily online and spends majority of his time being a pilot, flying aerobatic planes! And what time he has to spare, he spends coaching his advanced clients from around the world on what it is to be INFINITE and live infinitely.

Using Creativity & Intuition for the New Age Entrepreneur
Join Amir Zoghi for an In-Depth 30 minute Live Class on:
1. Exactly how you use your Intuition to Create More Effortless Results in any business
2. How to Harness More Creativity so what you’re doing everyday Feels more Rewarding