Connect with Alexandra André:

Alexandra is an accomplished Marketing Professional and Business Leader, having worked with a range of leading brands in Australia and the UK, before taking a leap to launch her own business Marketing Energized.

She knows about pushing boundaries and the difference it can make. Launching her own business was inspired after dedicating an Ironman to a good friend. An endurance event that’s widely considered the toughest 1-day sporting event in the world – 3.8km swim, 180km ride, 42km run. More than realising her own potential was learning first hand just how incredible an impact we can have on those around us.

Beyond her Ironman, she’s done 5 Marathons, captained a team in a 127km charity bike ride raising $20,000 for the Cancer Council, and even shared her latest Marathon effort through facebook live feeds as she ran – managing a personal best time in the process!

At the heart and soul of all she does now is inspire and energize potential, in people and businesses, for the impact they can have. Alexandra knows each of us can have an invaluable impact on just one person, and that’s more than enough, but she also knows, the bigger the stage, the bigger the business – the bigger the potential impact. And she is now on a mission to share her message, connecting with audiences through her story – as far and wide as she can.

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