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[INSERT NAME] from [INSERT COMPANY NAME, LOCATION] has just debuted on the Bizversity App. Bizversity is a mobile app developed to help reverse the trend of 50 million businesses going under each year. There are two big reasons why business owners fail. The first is a ‘lack of education’ and the second is a ‘lack of support’.
[INSERT NAME]’s videos on [INSERT SHOW TITLE] demonstrates to business owners [INSERT details about your episode or show]

[INSERT NAME] joins an incredible line up of world-leading speakers and experts already available on the app. Filmed exclusively in a purpose-built studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Bizversity’s users are able to access video and audio content on strategy, mindset, operations, sales and much more.

In the words of Bizversity’s founder and CEO Dale Beaumont, “Our Mission is to grow the people that move the world forward. Because business people change things. They learn, they create, they build, they disrupt. And when they do, they influence the people around them and the world becomes a better place”. And the mission has started!
The Bizversity app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Website – https://bizversity.com
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Media interested in arranging an interview or photos with the host / guest should contact [INSERT NAME] on [INSERT TEL NUMBER] or [INSERT EMAIL].