We have just released the new show, Best Book Summaries, to the Bizversity App.

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The majority of us find we don’t have enough time to read all the great books that we want to. Books such as Jack Welch’s ‘Leadership’ or ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey or ‘100 Great Businesses’ and the minds behind them by Emily Ross and Angus Holland.

Well, we have collated 50 of the most read business books into 30 minutes summaries as an audiobook series called, Best Book Summaries. We bring you the world’s most renowned authors and business leaders across a range of topics such as marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship, overcoming adversity and so much more!

Whether you’re on the go, or you just want to sit down and relax, you can listen to these popular book summaries and catch up on all that book reading in not time at all.

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